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About Forbidden The Atelier

Forbidden arise from a place of burning passion, passion for creativity. The brand embodies a woman. It symbolises everything a woman is – thoughtful, loyal, adventurous, soft, fun, and much more.

Forbidden The Atelier is a conscious fashion label. We cheer women to fly beyond the forbidden ideas. We appreciate you embracing your menstrual period, short clothes, independence, and all that is forbidden for women.

At Forbidden, we make statement pieces apt for all occasions, mindfully planned and executed. We aim to assist people in switching their purchasing and lifestyle habits towards an eco-friendly environment.

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Our Promise

“Celebrate Sustainable Wardrobe”

We stand for individuality and exclusivity. All our collections portray various emotions. We believe outfits can be sustainable yet fashionable.


We use our scraps to make bags for packaging. We strive to reduce non-biodegradable waste by using eco-friendly recycled paper bags. We pledge to become hundred percent sustainable by 2025. Our larger goal is to, in some way, help people change their purchasing and lifestyle habits to more sustainable ways. Through our business, we also want to empower and inspire women to be independent and lead life on their terms.

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